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Thad Trading


THAD Company is one of the pioneer trading companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It offers comprehensive business services. THAD Trading Company is dedicated to provide customers with quality products and services.


Our Mission


Contribute to the spread of services and products of outstanding quality by selecting the best components and products and maintaining the confidence of our customers.

Work Environment

Creating a work environment where each member of the THAD trading team is a motivating resource that acts as a common force, generating momentum for growth, development, and prosperity.

The Quality

Continuous improvement in performance and quality management system.

Customers Satisfaction

Enhancing “customer satisfaction” through innovation and continuous improvement in the products and services we offer with a commitment to excellence.


Contribute to the progress and development of society.

Our Vision

Diversification and expansion of the company's activities.
To be one of the major national companies with a local and global presence in various fields.
Achieving leadership in our industries through a better understanding of business dynamics within market trends, dealing with our suppliers as partners, and serving our customers with high-quality products and services.

Our Values

Quality standards lie behind the company’s basics in creating value in line with excellence. Also, maintaining the priority of quality deepens our motto “Quality First”, which we are committed to regardless of the cost.

THAD Trading Company also has a chain of operations in various locations

in the Saudi market through its branches in the Kingdom. It also has a wide network of highly skilled professional teams. The company’s activities and the thinking of its leadership are based on a comprehensive and wide-ranging strategic vision for the future.


Our Brand

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